Produce and market high quality products dedicated to protecting, preserving and improving the performance of our customers’ products, through continuous innovation in all areas of the company, using the best technology available so that our products are safe, effective and reliable, developing new useful applications and a sustainable development with the environment, always looking for the best cost-benefit balance.


Be a leading company in the production of specialty chemicals in the segment of biocides and other fine chemicals or specialty products for the markets of personal care, disinfection and water treatment among other, that are highly profitable, attractive to work in it, friendly with the environment and it will serve to the national and international markets.

Code of conduct

We are a profitable and financially stable company that competes in the open markets according to the rules and laws in the matter.

We provide the equal job opportunities to all employees regardless of race, gender or belief, providing a safe and healthy environment for the job.

We are a means for the professional and human development of our workers.

We produce and commercialize quality products consistent with the customer requirements to achieve their total satisfaction.

We are a company with social responsibility giving preference in hiring residents of the community and providing them as much as possible, sources of employment.

We are a company managed by honest professionals with the highest moral and ethical standards, respectful of the laws, codes and regulations applicable in matters of environmental preservation.