Safety and security

The fundamental axis of the company’s operation is to ensure the physical integrity of the all personnel and its facilities, as well as to assure the transit of its raw materials and the delivery of its products to the final destination.

Organo Sintesis has safety and security systems to provide protection at all times to our staff in Plant, in case of any contingency. To achieve this, we work under a scheme that takes into account the following aspects:

  • Continuously analyze the risks and based on the results prepare a mitigation plan
  • Offer information on safety and regulate the activity enforcing the regulation that apply
  • Create committees responsible for carrying out the disclosure on safety issues to continually raising awareness among the staff
  • Develop training programs in order to the staff is always trained in case of any contingency

The Plant has an extensive network of hydrants, fire extinguishers, emergency showers and eyewash stations, first aid kits, emergency exists and signaling evacuation routes, refuge areas, fire equipment, fire sprinklers, video security system, etc. and they are all included in a maintenance program to ensure proper operation.

Organo Sintesis has a Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Department responsible for applying all necessary policies and procedures.

Environmental policy

All the Organo Sintesis activities have the fundamental policy of preventing pollution as much as possible and preserving the environment.

Organo Sintesis encourages and supports the balance that must exist between our business and the environment that surrounds us. For that reason, our policies are aimed to:

  • 1.Comply with the current National Legislation regarding the environment
  • Provide the necessary financial resources for the execution of its policy and comply with the objectives established by the Management
  • Reduce and prevent the risks to the environment
  • Execute audit programs and follow up on compliance with the commitments arising from these audits
  • Consider these policies for the environment preservation for the development of new projects
  • Establish real goals and objectives in the short and long term for good compliance and continuous improvement to the environment protection

Organo Sintesis’s Environment Department continuously monitors emissions to the air, water and soil, controls the generation and destination of hazardous waste and implements preventive and corrective measures to take maximum advantage of available resources and reduce emissions to the environment.

At the same time, it applies consistently the compliance of the environment applicable regulations using National and International references on the matter.


The Company has been inspected and Audited by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the last of 2016 resulted without observations

The company has been inspected by the PMDA (Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices) of Japan and it has received a certificate in force until 2020.

The Company has Operation Licenses issued by COFEPRIS of Mexico for the manufacture of organic products, biocides and pesticides.

Throughout its history, the Company has been certified by several customers as a reliable supplier.