Organo Sintesis offers custom manufacturing services to the global specialty chemical companies. In the more than 50 years has developed experience in the manufacture of diverse chemical products, designing chemical synthesis routes, optimizing chemical processes and lowering the manufacturing costs in order to get the best cost benefit to our customers. Organo Sintesis is an ideal partner for contract synthesis of high quality products.

The contract for manufacturing services is the best choice for saving resources, since it reduce the costs of maintaining production facilities, purchasing raw materials, hiring personnel costs, ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines and allowing our clients to focus on their most important businesses.

Our chemical plant has diverse manufacturing capabilities and is flexible to the specific requirements of the client. We have, for example, reactors with different capacities (500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 gallons), mixing, dryers, warehouses, laboratories for: quality control, microbiology and research. Our plant is managed by professionals with experience in several areas of the chemical industry.

Organo Sintesis has the capacity to carry out the synthesis of a product from the bench laboratory, scaling up to the pilot plant, and finally, scaling up to commercial plant.

Organo Sintesis also offers formulation and mixing services to produce products with a specific application and functionalities, developing standard operation procedures with the necessary analytical support.

Typical processes that we can provide are:

  • Mixing and formulation
  • Distillations
  • Crystallizations
  • Filtrations
  • Condensations
  • Quaternizations with methyl chloride, methyl bromide and benzyl chloride
  • Polymerizations
  • Refining and purifications
  • Milling